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Electronics Project::

Disclaimer:All the content of project has been submitted by the author, so if you get any inconvenience by making this project, The NewCircuits team will not be responsible. It means the submitted project is "as is". Also If you have any question about the project, you should contact the author by email.

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This is a new circuit I just finished. I like the white LED lighting, it is softer and give a better view without being overly bright for the eyes when you just wake up in the middle of the night. This circuit has no transformer to isolate it, so it is a must to have a proper enclosure. The lights come on when the photocell is in the dark. If you are using this in a transparent casing, make sure you wrap a black electric tape or a piece of tubing to prevent the LED from triggering off the photocell.

Very important: Use the proper wattage (See Schematic) for the resistors. The circuit was calculated to have the maximum LED brightness with minimum heat from the 12K resistor. With a "12Kohm / 2W" flame proof resistor. It will be slightly warm to the touch.

Project's photos: As you can see, I used a standard 3 prong plug that usually goes on the end of a cable. I separated the plug from the hood and also removed the ground prong (not used and only makes it harder to insert or remove from the wall) In the casing, I made 2 rectangular holes on the bottom. I used a small drill bit that is not wider than the thickness of the prongs. I drilled many holes on a single line then a sharp knife to make up one rectangle the size of the prong. I then inserted the plug through the holes and glued it in from the inside using super glue.

Submitted by: Richard Marier (2005/09/24)

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